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MBG Technologies℠ Inc., founded in 1990, is an international consulting firm consisting of three independent divisions, targeting specialty niches, such as, Business Development, Product Marketing, and New Product Development.

MBG Tech specializes in Business and Product Development, encompassing market positioning, product placement, technical research and development, and strategic partnering for new products targeted for Domestic and European markets. Our concentrated focus maximizes our client's resources in mature and emerging markets. Our technical expertise includes consumer electronics, digital devices and software.

Ci-tec International specializes in medical devices and Product Marketing for new noninvasive products in the emerging healthcare industry. Our business development programs include targeted products requiring regulatory agency approval CEMDD and FDA. Clients needing assistance in the Well-Being Product category are evaluated on a case by case basis.

MBG Products specializes in start-up business model development and evaluation for an array of consumer based products from the activity toy market to the entertainment industry. We evaluate existing and emerging products concepts for large corporations or private companies seeking professional guidance. We establish our clients' potential Return on Investments (ROI) and if it makes business sense we recommend further review.

Other services offered by MBG Technologies include business brokering for capital funding, joint venture partnerships, and technology licensing. Our staff includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. We are proud of our past accomplishments and our numerous clients, which range from Fortune 1000 businesses to small proprietorships.

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