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  • LumaCare®
    A patented medical light source device for use in photodynamic therapy (PDT) in conjunction with approved photo-activated drugs. This device has direct applications in dermatology, oncology and veterinary medicine at a fraction of the operating costs of lasers.

  • Eurekapad™
    An interactive educational quiz game and learning aid for grades K-6.

  • Dreamswirl™
    A patented non-toxic multi-coloring process for printing. Unique marbleizing technique can be utilized on paper, cloth, and other porous materials. This process can be used in continuous web or sheet fed forms. This coloring method offers unlimited opportunities for gift wrap, stationary, or packaging; and designer fabrics.

  • BeekerKid™
    A patented wireless digital precision location device. The technology is suitable for all high EMF "noise" environments. The first product configurations were child location devices and products for Alzheimer patients

  • ProblemPoker.com
    A software suite for addictive and compulsive behavioral issues. Targeting the addictive and compulsive gambling this filter blocking software prevents online gambling. Additional targeted product configurations are possible for any anti-social, illegal or behavioral prevention while online.

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